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Concealed Hinge


Concealed Hinge

W-Tec 3D+ 160

Unique 7 axis kinematic mechanism combined with carefully chosen materials for the three levers that carry the weight of the door, offer maximum durability and stability over time. There is no need to intervene once the door has been mounted and set. The innovative kinematic mechanism keeps the door straight and prevents elliptical movement when opening and closing. Thanks to this feature, there is minimal wear and tear, even when heavy weights are used.

  • Can be applied on all frames: solid wood, coated or steel with the appropriate accessories
  • Independent adjustments possible by a single person, adjustable in height ±3mm, laterally ±3mm and gasket pressure ±1mm
  • The 3 levers always keep the mechanism aligned, levers are independent from each other
  • Load capacity 140kg with 2 hinges, and 160kg with 3 hinges
  • Wide range of finishes available

Part No. Description Finish Door Weight (2 pcs) Door Weight (3 pcs) CAD Quantity
1364560 Brassed Max. 140 kg Max. 160 kg Request
1364572 Brushed Chrome Max. 140 kg Max. 160 kg Request
1368077 Zinc GSS Max. 140 kg Max. 160 kg Request
1428631 Matt Chrome Max. 140 kg Max. 160 kg Request
1468818 Light Bronzed Max. 140 kg Max. 160 kg Request

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