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Heavy Duty Concealed Hinge


Heavy Duty Concealed Hinge

W-Tec 3DL

Designers are continually demanding ever higher performance from extremely heavy doors. Thanks to its internal 7-axis mechanism and the special shape of its exceptionally strong levers, the W-Tec 3DL is totally stable and secure..

  • Applicable on doors and frames with cladding up to 8mm or if door needs to avoid a cover profile
  • Suitable for timber, steel and cover frames
  • Load capacity up to 230kg with 4 hinges, available in a wide range of colours on request
  • Adjustments are easy and all independent from each other, ±3mm adjustable laterally and in height, and ±1mm adjustable in gasket pressure
  • To facilitate door assembly, the frame can be fixed separately with the hinge support already applied.

Part No. Description Finish Door Weight (2 pcs) Door Weight (3 pcs) CAD Quantity
1558801 Matt Chrome Max. 200 kg Max. 230 kg Request
1558802 Zinc GSS Max. 200 kg Max. 230 kg Request

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