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Our Partners

Our Partners



Our principals are industry leaders in assembly and fastening technologies, and we are proud to be their long term partners.


Stanley Engineered Fastening is a global leader in the design, development and manufacturing of fastening products. With the world's most diverse portfolio of fastening solutions, Stanley is widely recognised and used extensively by multiple industries across the globe.

Southco has built an unmatched portfolio of access hardware solutions, through innovation and strategic acquisitions (Dzus, Counterbalance, Unikey, etc.) The Southco range today includes over 25,000 standard catalogue products and more than 50,000 custom products to meet customers design needs. We are proud to be Southco’s first appointed authorised sales distributor in Asia.

Sugatsune Kogyo is a leading Japanese manufacturer of high quality architectural and furniture hardware, as well as industrial components. Known for its Motion Design Tech products, Sugatsune has a wide range of unique patented LAPCON solutions including damper mechanisms and door systems.

Eberhard Manufacturing Company is one of the leading manufacturers of transportation hardware in the world. The extensive product line offers over 5,000 parts items such as T-handles and Rotary Latches for different industries including Trucks, Trailers, Fire/Emergency, Bus, Enclosure, Military, Truck Accessories, and Marine.

GESIPA has developed into a leading international company for blind rivet technology. The high quality and reliability of GESIPA fasteners and the innovative, high-quality setting tools have made GESIPA a valued partner to the trade and industry worldwide.

Rencol Components has been designing, developing and manufacturing plastic and metal components for over 90 years. Today, Rencol Components has built a global supply chain and developed an expanded range of high-quality, competitively-priced industrial components.

POP-Avdel has over 70 years experience working in blind fastening systems, with Avdel being one of the original innovators of what we now refer to as break stem rivets. Over the years Avdel has brought many new product innovations to market, including Avex multi-grip rivets, Monobolt structural rivets and the still unique Speed Riveting systems.

LAMP is a brand under the Sugatsune umbrella, and together, the names have long been associated with Quality, Innovation and Service. The brand is the first in the world to bring the concept of soft-close stays to the kitchen world, and notable products today include the MultiMO FLAT, MonoFLAT UNIZON, as well as the FADand LIN-X series.

Dejond Fastening Systems has become a major player in fastening technology by offering a full range of high-value mechanical fasteners manufactured by different internationally-recognised suppliers, including its own Tubtara blind rivet nut range.

Weston Body Hardware is a manufacturing company that provides purpose-designed products for the whole area of access control. Some of its specialisation include locking and latching systems, with multiple products developed and used in the automotive and vehicular industries.