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Concealed Hinge (With Manual Adjustment)


Concealed Hinge (With Manual Adjustment)

W-Tec 3Di

Designed to fulfil the requirements of all door manufacturers or maintenance technicians. The W-Tec 3Di concealed hinge is perfect and adaptable in all applications, which expresses all kinematic characteristics that have made W-Tec 3D+ popular and sought after..

  • Adjustable in the three dimensions similar to W-Tec 3D+ versions, but with gasket pressure manual adjustment
  • Available in -60 and -100 options for applications up to 100kg
  • Same milling size as the W-Tec 3D+ versions

Part No. Description Type Finish Weight (2 pcs) Weight (3 pcs) CAD Quantity
1365433 W-Tec 3Di 60 Matt Chrome Max. 50 kg Max. 80 kg Request
1414801 W-Tec 3Di 100 Matt Chrome Max. 60 kg Max. 100 kg Request

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