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Swing Lift Down
Swing Lift Down
Swing Lift Down
Swing Lift Down
Swing Lift Down
Swing Lift Down


Swing Lift Down


  • For downward-opening flap doors, unique swing down mechanism
  • Lift Assist: Spring powered to make flap feel light and easy to close
  • Soft Close: Built in damper prevents slamming during closing
  • Easily positioned during installation by aligning its front with the edge of the side panel
  • Lift assist strength can be adjusted to accommodate varying door weights
  • Post-installation, the door can be finely adjusted vertically, horizontally, and angularly to correct small mounting position inaccuracies
  • Passed 40,000 life cycle test

Part No. Description Description Door Weight (kg) Length CAD Quantity
GSLDL-5 Main Body 3 ~ 5 - Download
GSLDL-6 Main Body 5 ~ 6.5 - Download
GSLUL-B535 Connecting Bar - 535 Download
GSLUL-B685 Connecting Bar - 685 Download
GSLUL-B835 Connecting Bar - 835 Download
GSLUL-C-DGR Body Cover (Dark Grey) - - Download
GSLUL-C-WT Body Cover (White) - - Download

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