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One Way Torque Hinge


One Way Torque Hinge


Southco has expanded its successful line of constant torque position control hinges with a new version that enables secure position control with minimal user effort. The E6-10 One Way Constant Torque Hinge enables heavy doors and panels to be lifted more easily by removing friction from the hinge in one direction, while providing high torque to hold them securely in place.

  • Enables easy lifting of heavy doors and panels
  • High torque holds panel in position for safe operation
  • Robust construction suitable for indoor and outdoor use
  • Reliable improvement over gas struts and friction hinges

Part No. Description Forward Torque (N.m) Reverse Torque (N.m) CAD Quantity
E6-10-6110F0-50 12.4 Free Download
E6-10-6110R0-50 Free 12.4 Download
E6-10-620F0-50 2.3 Free Download
E6-10-620R0-50 Free 2.3 Download
E6-10-635F0-50 3.9 Free Download
E6-10-635R0-50 Free 3.9 Download
E6-10-650F0-50 5.7 Free Download
E6-10-650R0-50 Free 5.7 Download
E6-10-665F0-50 7.3 Free Download
E6-10-665R0-50 Free 7.3 Download
E6-10-680F0-50 9.0 Free Download
E6-10-680R0-50 Free 9.0 Download
E6-10-695F0-50 10.7 Free Download
E6-10-695R0-50 Free Operating 10.7 Download

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