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Dzus Tech Line Quarter-Turn Fastener


Dzus Tech Line Quarter-Turn Fastener


The DZUS D9 Tech Line Quarter-Turn Fastener combines Southco’s proven quarter-turn and captive fastening technologies to create a next generation solution that provides consistent, reliable clamping force and quick access. The DZUS D9 Tech Line Quarter-Turn Fastener features a captive, spring-loaded design and tool-free operation that prevents over tightening.

  • High-strength and high vibration resistance for demanding applications
  • Tool-free operation with set clamping force to prevent over tightening
  • Variety of stud lengths to accommodate varying panel thickness ranges
  • Stud assembly eliminates dropped or lost hardware components
  • Quarter-turn operation provides quick access
  • Available in self-clinching, flare-in or Surface Mount Technology (SMT) installation styles

Part No. Description Description Installation Style Colour P-1 P-2 CAD Quantity
D9-47-1301-K Stud Press-In Natural 4.1 7.8 Download
D9-47-1301-K000 Stud Press-In Black 4.1 7.8 Download
D9-47-1302-K Stud Press-In Natural 5.1 8.8 Download
D9-47-1302-K000 Stud Press-In Black 5.1 8.8 Download
D9-47-1303-K Stud Press-In Natural 6.1 9.8 Download
D9-47-1303-K000 Stud Press-In Black 6.1 9.8 Download
D9-47-1304-K Stud Press-In Natural 7.1 10.8 Download
D9-47-1304-K000 Stud Press-In Black 7.1 10.8 Download
D9-47-2301-K-R Stud SMT Natural 3.8 7.45 Download
D9-47-2301-K000-R Stud SMT Black 3.8 7.45 Download
D9-47-2302-K-R Stud SMT Natural 4.8 8.45 Download
D9-47-2302-K000-R Stud SMT Black 4.8 8.45 Download
D9-47-2303-K-R Stud SMT Natural 5.8 9.45 Download
D9-47-2303-K000-R Stud SMT Black 5.8 9.45 Download
D9-47-2304-K-R Stud SMT Natural 6.8 10.45 Download
D9-47-2304-K000-R Stud SMT Black 6.8 10.45 Download
D9-47-3301-K Stud Flare-In Natural 4.6 8.3 Download
D9-47-3301-K000 Stud Flare-In Black 4.6 8.3 Download
D9-47-3302-K Stud Flare-In Natural 5.6 9.3 Download
D9-47-3302-K000 Stud Flare-In Black 5.6 9.3 Download
D9-47-3303-K Stud Flare-In Natural 6.6 10.3 Download
D9-47-3303-K000 Stud Flare-In Black 6.6 10.3 Download
D9-47-3304-K Stud Flare-In Natural 7.6 11.3 Download
D9-47-3304-K000 Stud Flare-In Black 7.6 11.3 Download
D9-61-11 Receptacle - Flat Type - - - - Download
D9-62-11 Receptacle - Saddle Type - - - - Download
D9-63-11 Receptacle - Self-Clinching Type - - - - Download

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