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Mini Cam Latch


Mini Cam Latch


Southco has added to its broad range of cam latches with the introduction of the miniature E5 Cam Latch. Featuring a 30% reduction in intrusion compared to Southco’s standard E5 Cam Latch series, the miniature E5 Cam Latch provides a significantly smaller footprint for limited space applications.

  • Compact size for minimal enclosure intrusion
  • Meets NEMA 4 and IP65 standards for water and dust ingress
  • Universal operation accommodates different mounting configurations
  • Tool operated and manual actuation options for varying levels of security

Part No. Description Description Head Style Finish Grip CAD Quantity
E5-3005 Cam Pawl - - 4 Request
E5-3006 Cam Pawl - - 6 Request
E5-3007 Cam Pawl - - 8 Request
E5-3008 Cam Pawl - - 10 Request
E5-3009 Cam Pawl - - 12 Request
E5-3010 Cam Pawl - - 14 Request
E5-3011 Cam Pawl - - 16 Request
E5-3012 Cam Pawl - - 18 Request
E5-3013 Cam Pawl - - 20 Request
E5-3014 Cam Pawl - - 22 Request
E5-3015 Cam Pawl - - 24 Request
E5-3016 Cam Pawl - - 26 Request
E5-M-002-UU1 Latch Slotted Bright Chrome - Download
E5-M-005-UU1 Latch Slotted Black Powder Coated - Download
E5-M-142-UU1 Latch Square 6 mm Bright Chrome - Download
E5-M-145-UU1 Latch Square 6 mm Black Powder Coated - Download
E5-M-172-UU1 Latch Triangle 6 mm Bright Chrome - Download
E5-M-175-UU1 Latch Triangle 6 mm Black Powder Coated - Download
E5-M-182-UU1 Latch Hex Recess 6 mm Bright Chrome - Download
E5-M-185-UU1 Latch Hex Recess 6 mm Black Powder Coated - Download
E5-M-302-UU1 Latch Wing Knob Bright Chrome - Download
E5-M-305-UU1 Latch Wing Knob Black Powder Coated - Request

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