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Adjustable Pivot Hinge
Adjustable Pivot Hinge


Adjustable Pivot Hinge


Its elegant round design, easy adjustment and 180° opening makes this innovative hinge a must in this sector. It has been designed for simple and inexpensive application to both right and left-hand doors. Besides the hinge, we provide embellishing cover caps, available in various colours, which can be applied inside the jamb, and the milling template, to optimize manufacturing times.

Minimalist design, load capacities, and versatility are the main features of these high value added hinges. They meet the aesthetic requirements of modern design, as well as the structural requirements of the main interior door manufacturers. .

  • For timber doors
  • Adjustments are carried out once the door is mounted, using simple hex keys. The sash part allows adjusting the door laterally up to +/- 3.0mm, whereas the frame part allows adjusting the depth by +/- 1.5mm
  • The rotation fulcrum consists of a steel pin covered with a self-lubricating material, which ensures sliding and prevents squeaks and maintenance over time
  • Tested to 200,000 cycle test with 70 kg door

Part No. Description Finish Door Weight (per pair) CAD Quantity
1272070 Matt Chrome Plated Max. 80 kg Request
516543 Gold Colour Max. 80 kg Request

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