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Bifold Torque Hinge


Bifold Torque Hinge


Southco’s AH Bifold Constant Torque Hinge series incorporates friction technology that allows a table or panel to be held in position at any angle and prevents it from falling open. AH-2E Bifold Torque Hinge features a flush mount design that occupies minimal application space, allowing table to be folded and stowed flat.

  • Integrated friction technology improves control of fold-out tables
  • Holds table flap open in any position along 180 degrees
  • Flush mount design prevents trapped fingers and pinch points
  • Robust design offers high strength performance
  • Reliable, maintenance-free performance
  • Small design footprint complements industrial design
  • Long cycle life ensures reliability and reduced maintenance costs

Part No. Description Forward Torque (N.m) Reverse Torque (N.m) Finish CAD Quantity
AH-2E-2000A2-50 Free Operating Free Operating Black Anodised Request
AH-2E-2000A2-63 Free Operating Free Operating Natural Aluminium Request
AH-2E-2000A2-70 Free Operating Free Operating Silver Electroplated Request
AH-2E-2012A2-50 1.4 0.8 Black Anodised Request
AH-2E-2012A2-63 1.4 0.8 Natural Aluminium Request
AH-2E-2012A2-70 1.4 0.8 Silver Electroplated Request
AH-2E-2016A2-50 1.8 1.1 Black Anodised Request
AH-2E-2016A2-63 1.8 1.1 Natural Aluminium Request
AH-2E-2016A2-70 1.8 1.1 Silver Electroplated Request
AH-2E-2020A2-50 2.3 1.4 Black Anodised Request
AH-2E-2020A2-63 2.3 1.4 Natural Aluminium Request
AH-2E-2020A2-70 2.3 1.4 Silver Electroplated Request
AH-2E-2024A2-50 2.7 1.6 Black Anodised Request
AH-2E-2024A2-63 2.7 1.6 Natural Aluminium Request
AH-2E-2024A2-70 2.7 1.6 Silver Electroplated Request

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