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AccuBird Pro Rivet Tool


AccuBird Pro Rivet Tool

AccuBird Pro

The brushless motor and 13,000 N setting force makes the AccuBird Pro extremely fast for setting blind rivets of any material up to 6 mm. The BLDC motor of the AccuBird Pro has an extremely long service life and is virtually nonwearing.

Placing Capability:

  • Blind rivets from 2.4 mm aluminium, up to 6.0 mm all materials

Part No. Description Description CAD Quantity
167 9659 Tool in Standard Carton Box -
167 9660 Tool in L-Boxx -
167 9661 Tool in L-Boxx, with 1 Battery and 1 Charger -
167 9662 Tool in L-Boxx, with 2 Batteries and 1 Charger -

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